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  1. I love these bottles. So easy to clean and put together. I gave it 4 stars because the only thing I don't like is the cover. It's hard to put the cover on. Took me a few tries to be able to close it. But other than that, I'm not complaining at all about the bottles. Planning to get the bigger bottles for her once she's older.

  2. i love ilo bottles. i used them with my first born when they didnt have these glow in the dark ones and have recently had a new baby and i had to order them.Ê

  3. the glow in the dark feature takes a while to work but when it does its great.Ê

  4. Reached out to customer support and response was essentially- we are sorry that happened. They have no replacement covers available aside from the waterproof cover which is super loud and crinkly and I canÕt see myself using that at night to sleep. For a $100 pillow I was expecting better quality or customer support/trouble shooting. This tells me the company doesnÕt stand behind the quality of the product and canÕt give you much help if something goes wrong.

  5. I love the towels I got for my 14 month old son. TheyÕre soft and he loves them! Keep up the great work ilo!!