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  1. My daughter loved the newborn paci. However we had the HARDEST time switching her to the next size up itÕs just way too different, different feeling and material. She wouldnÕt take it. Only wants the newborn version.

  2. I have been using these bottles for my babygirl,shes 2 months know and doesn't take any other bottle then these. A hundred percent recommended :ok_hand: Even after several times during the day washing them they look as if they were brand new.

  3. these bottels are great!!!

  4. We love the ilo bottles! WeÕve used other brands that can be easily purchased at local stores and they just donÕt compare. These are less prone to leaking or inadvertently coming unscrewed. The milk/formula flow is good. We used the 5 ounce and 10 ounce bottles with our son. A tip: our son later started using a Nuk sippy. The Nuk screw tops look like theyÕd be interchangeable with the ilo bottles but they are not. However, the nipples/spouts are! So although our son has outgrown his ÒbottlesÓ heÕs still using his favorite bottles only now as a sippy.