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  1. When I purchased this at the beginning of my pregnancy, this product was called a portable newborn cradle. It was Òfree from suffocation and strangulation hazards.Ó due to its Air-Flow technology. Now that my newborn is finally here itÕs simply a $200 lounger that protects from overheating. I assume this is to protect from liability but I really regret my purchase. It doesnÕt work for its intended use. But at least I can set her down while sheÕs being watched.

  2. Love it

  3. I love LOVE LOVE ILO products. These have been the only bottles my babies have used. Do not hesitate to give them a try!

  4. Would love to order more of these Sippy cups. They are my sonÕs favorite but wish the other colors would come back in stock.

  5. I am a ilo mama and I have a ilo baby!!!! We love ALL of the ilo products.. my son is 14 months and uses everything. I hate that he's getting older so we're going to start weening him off the pacifier and bottles but I love it, I recommend it to all the new mommy's I know. Might not be convenient but soooo worth it!