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  1. I was not impressed. These bottles were so flimsy they literally shatter if accidentally dropped on the floor!!! Such a waste of :moneybag:!!

  2. My son was in excruciating gas pain, at first we thought it was because he was 3 weeks early, but after a month of trying these bottles with the stage 0 nipple, we tried another brand and my son was fine. I wrote to customer service to get a refund due to dissatisfaction and they said I was outside the 30 day window because I purchased the bottles in January and February. My son wasn't born until end of March. Don't try to plan ahead with your purchase of these bottles. Extremely disappointed as we bought a set of 9 and all nipple sizes.


  4. We swear by ilo pacifiers! Both my my boys love(d) them. However, I did not rate 5 stairs due to the plastic breaking on the stages 1 – 3. We have went through quite a few. Wish all stages were silicon like the newborn!!

  5. Really really love your products the bottle a A+ my son loves them still uses them at nite I just order your sippy cups for him because when I was going to order them you guys stop selling to re design the cup my only concern is how strong the straw part is my son chews on other cups like this and puts holes in them but I canÕt wait to try them I just wish the bowls and plates had a suction cup or some type of suction on it other then that I just love everything you guys make I have bought almost everything you make love them you even sent me new nipples for bottles because some of the ones I bought were Collapsing fantastic company