Large Gift Bundle

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• Tall Bottle (3-pack) x2
• The Pacifier (3-pack)
• Short Bottle (3-pack) x2
• Newborn Pacifier (3-pack)
• Bottle Brush x2
• Baby Blanket

• Washcloths (4-pack)
• Glow in the Dark Pacifier (3-pack)
• Disinfecting Box & Pacifier
• Newborn Flow Nipple (x3)
• Stage 1 Flow Nipple (x12)

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What’s Inside

Pacifier Bundle

The Palate-Support Pacifier

The Smilo pacifiers feature a wide, flat shape, designed to work with the tongue to expand against the palate rather than collapse during soothing. This promotes the palate’s natural development to create a wide, healthy smile. The Large Gift Bundle includes stage 1 Pacifiers, stage 1 Glow in the Dark Pacifiers, and Newborn Pacifiers for newborns 0 – 2 months.

Bottle Bundle

The Fuss-Free Bottle

Our patented nipple design features a mom-like milk duct and leak-resistant vent, which work together to create a natural, uninterrupted flow that resembles breastfeeding. This minimizes air intake, taking pressure off of tiny tummies, mouths, and ears, which reduces colic, gas, and ear infections. Stage 1, slow flow nipples are included in the Large Gift Bundle, perfect for newborns.

Analee Review

Definitely would buy this again!

“I really like this pacifier because the nipple is soft and it fits just right in baby’s mouth. It also comes with different cute colors and design. It’s made of high quality material and BPA free. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends.”

Baby Blanket


Our Large Gift Bundle comes with all the essential baby accessories. Our easy to clean silicone Bottle Brush and soft goodies like the Baby Blanket and Washcloths are included as well! The Large Gift Bundle is your perfect all-in-one gift.

Katie Review

Amazing bottles

“My baby loved these bottles. They nipples are similar to moms and she was even able to hold it herself because of the special grip on it. Bonus points is there look. They look awesome and I love showing them off. “