Discussing Pacifiers with a Pediatrician and Mom

Discussing Pacifiers

As a pediatrician, I recommend products that minimize the disruption of dentition and avoid nipple confusion, especially for breastfeeding mothers.

As a mother AND a pediatrician, I look for products that are effective and simplify my busy life.

As a pediatrician, parents commonly ask about the use and safety of pacifiers. Pacifiers, along with safe sleep environment and breastfeeding, have been shown to decrease the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). I highly recommend pacifiers that are well made (medical grade silicone, BPA free) and easy to clean.

Babies have a natural reflex to suck from the day they are born. While pacifiers should never be a substitute for nurturing or feeding, they can be very useful for soothing after nutritional needs have been met.