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Love and Smilo.

Let us guide you toward the perfect version of every baby essential.

One Brand for Every Step

Meet Smilo, the baby brand parents have been expecting, and now trust, to take care of the details so that you can focus on your family. With products designed by doctors, engineers and parents, Smilo delivers the best in pregnancy, baby and toddler.

Parents know best, but babies decide

Parents know best, but babies decide

We look to our own children for inspiration and use science to solve real-life needs. From form to function, we obsess over every little detail. Because as any parent knows, the tiniest things can change everything.

The Perfect Start

Parents know best, but babies decide

All the essentials for your bundle of joy

Babies are picky. So are we.

We’ve designed our pacifier to pleaseeven the most discerning little palates.

Venting is healthy

Our bottle features an extra-sensitive,leak-resistant vent for smooth, happy feeding.

Stop wondering, and Smilo.

No more endless trial-and-error games orlate nights cross-referencing mommy blogs.